Anti-Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Act 2015
Modern slavery is unacceptable, simple as that. We all have to play our part in stopping it and protecting human rights. Each year we publish a modern slavery statement that explains what we’ve been doing to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our organisation and supply chains.

This statement is made by Stories Unlimited CIC and has been published in accordance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”). This Statement covers the financial year 5th April 2021 to 4th April 2022 and outlines the steps Stories Unlimited has taken to prevent modern slavery and human.

Our commitment to tackling modern slavery
Stories Unlimited CIC monitors activity against modern slavery, looking closely at our business, our partner venues and book suppliers. As a not-for-profit community group we do not have any staff or employees, other than the Director of Stories Unlimited CIC who does not take a salary. Our volunteers come from members of the local community. However, we still encourage all of our volunteers to take responsibility, not only for ensuring that we conduct ourselves in the right way and with respect for others, but also that we are aware of and are looking out for signs that any individuals we come across could be experiencing a violation of their fundamental human rights. If that happens, we want to make sure our people know what actions to take. Where we can, we aim to raise working standards and find ways to minimise the risk of modern slavery within our business as well as adhering to the legal requirements of the Act. We also recognise that there is always more that can be done.

This Statement details what we have achieved so far as part of our ongoing work to fulfil this fundamental responsibility. The nature of our business model means that our partner venues are from within our local community, and our bookseller is also a local business. Our books are sourced from publishers who require their own businesses and suppliers to take responsibility not only for their employees but also for their contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and agency workers to ensure they are all treated fairly and are aware of their requirements under the Modern Slavery Act. Where we are not satisfied with a direct supplier’s adherence to the principles contained in our Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy, we will cease to work with such direct supplier. We work with hyper-local and UK based suppliers, to give us the benefit of building much closer working relationships with them but also the ability to visit and assess these suppliers on a regular basis.

We are currently working on introducing an in-house volunteer training module to:
• Explain the wide range of abuse and exploitation that constitutes Modern Slavery;
• Describe who is at risk of modern slavery, and how they are trapped;
• Reinforce the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and define its importance to Stories Unlimited CIC;
• Advise volunteers on the signs to look for that may indicate modern slavery is taking
• Give volunteers clear steps on what to do if they suspect modern slavery is happening.

Reporting Modern Slavery Concerns
We welcome and enable third parties, including customers, to report any concerns regarding violations of fundamental human rights by Stories Unlimited CIC or within its supply chain. To facilitate this, we have a dedicated anti-slavery email address to which reports can be sent: Should we receive any reports, they will be promptly investigated and acted upon appropriately.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Future Developments
We recognise that the fight against modern slavery is ongoing and subject to continual change. We will continue to review and update, as needed, our internal policies and documents, including our Policy, to reflect any such changes. In addition to ensuring that our policies and procedures are up to date and enforced, we seek to further develop our approach to addressing modern slavery wherever we can and continue to do this by maintaining awareness internally of the risks of modern slavery taking place within our supply chain.

This statement is approved by the Director of Stories Unlimited CIC 5th April 2021:




Ian Skillicorn